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All I got is my word and my balls...

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
6:43 pm

Ok well i have not updated in a while! lmao i have been busy! i started summer school monday, and yeah it sucks! lol but oh well i have to do it!

But..... There are a few Rj things coming up soon, i hope i get to go! i know i will go to the one in september but im not sure about the ones in june and july b/c school is like taking up all my time! lol

and i made my lj a lil different, i am going to be redoing it again b/c i dont like how it looks! lol but im keeping the scarface theme! I love that movie so much dude!

but like omg Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got married! do you know how happy that makes me?!? i love them both sooo much and i even heard that she is pregnant! woo hoo!! lol

im going to post some pics on another journal entry but i just have pics from school and stuff of friends ya know! so i will be posting those in the next entry which i will do in about ehhhh 10 minutes! lmao but this is it for now!!


<33 Lata

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
8:35 pm

ok im gonna start this by saying  VOTE DIANA DEGARMO AMERICAN IDOL 2004!!!!! OK now that i have that out of my system if you read this after 9 pm eastern time then call

1-866-436-5701    1-866-436-5703   1-866-436-5705

any of those numbers will work for voting for diana. you call between 9 pm and midnight. if your not in eastern time then watch it please and then vote for her!!! she deserves it sooooo much!!! please please please please please please please please please please vote for her and make her the winner of American Idol 2004!!!


ok so now that im done with my diana praising lmao i cant wait until tomorrow!! we are going pick my mom up tomorrow!!! she is coming in from Louisiana and she is gonna be spending a few days with us while my dad goes out of town!! im so excited!! but like omg tomorrow i was supposed to go to the official Atlanta viewing of American Idol. you know the one they put on the show when they show stuff from their hometowns! but nooooo my dad had to go and fuck shit up again!!!!! he said i could not go b/c it is too dangerous!! what the fuck!! i will be with my 2 sisters and my mom!!! what a fuckin ass face! lol but anywaysss im done im going watch American Idol!!! lata

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
4:57 pm - Got a survey from LEEEESUHH!! haha
ok so here is another one of those surveys that im always doing!!! lmao

a surveyCollapse )

ok yeah i was thinking about this song when i was talking about louisiana and it is a zydeco song called Dont Mess With My Toot Toot. and here is like a verse of it!! its hilarious!! Dotn Mess With My Toot TootCollapse )

but i guess this all for now!


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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
12:33 am - Took this from Jess
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user="sweetnsxy04">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Took this from Jess <lj-user="sweetnsxy04">
Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1-biting my nails
2-asking why all of the time
3-yelling at my spanish teacher
4-ummm chewing on straight pins ((the ones with like the lil ball at the end lmao))

Name Four Scents You Love:
1-Still bu Jennifer Lopez
2-Amber Romance by Victoria Secret
3-a perfume called Poeme ((reminds me of my mom))

Name Four People That Know You the Best:

Name Four Things You’d Never Wear:
1-anything with glitter!! ughhh i hate that stuff!!
2-like those leggings!! lmao
3-tye dye shirts or anything tye dye! lmao
4-i dont know..ummmm nothing that looks remotely cowboyish

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
3-jumaji ((lmao))
4-the video i just saw of the man in iraq being beaheaded

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1-gone to school
2-stated that i hate my dad
3-fought with my spanish teacher! lmao
4-talked about how much i love Boston Rob from survivor

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1-new us weekly with <3 boston rob<3
2-a b-day gift for josh
3-a water
4-pictures well i got them developed

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1-grape fanta
4-sweet tea ((its a georgia thing))

2nd grade teacher's name?:Ms.Emanis
Last words you said: omg why?!?! hahah
Last song you sang?: "Missing Me" Rj Helton
Last person you hugged?: i dont hug...i dont like to be touched
Last thing you laughed at?: i dont know! i am kinda down in the dumps today
Last time you said ’I Love You’ and meant it?: ummm last night weh i talked to my mom
Last time you cried?: just a few minutes ago
What’s in your CD player?: Rj Helton
What color socks are you wearing?: none
What’s under your bed?: omg i dont even know! lmao
What time did you wake up today?: 7:45
Current taste?: grape fanta
Current hair?: ummm color brown lmao and up
Current clothes?: baby blue nautica shirt with jeans
Current Annoyance?: this jamaican fucker on the cosby show
Current worry?: about if my dad is going to remain an asshole tomorrow
Current hate?: hahaha i could not fit it in this lil space
Favorite thing about the opposite sex?: ahhhh i dont know!! but on a certain someone it would be the hair!!
Last CD You Bought?: Jessica Simpson
Favorite place to be?: Louisiana
Least favorite place?: Luella High School
If you could play an instrument?: piano
Favorite color?: PURPLE
Do You Believe In An Afterlife?:i dont know
How tall are you?: 5'5"
Current favorite word/saying?:DUUUUUUUUUUUDE
Favorite season?: fall
One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Billy Menard :(:(
Favorite day?: November 14!! my borthday!
Where would you like to go?: to Los Angeles
What is your career going to be like?: im going to cut on famous faces and boobs!!! lmao

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
6:40 pm - BUUUUULGE!!! LMAO

Hey!!! Well i am not doing too goo lately on updating my lj and im sorry even thoug like only 2 people read it!! lmao!!

but anyways not too much has been going on but a few things have happened....

the spnish class from hell!!!Collapse )

ok and now for my spanish project story!!

fuckin stupid shit man!!!Collapse )

Ok last story!! im sorry its soo long!! Child Developmeant GoodbyeCollapse )

ok so i guess this is it! i dont have anything else to write about!! lmao sorry this was sooo long but please read and comment!! <3333


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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
11:55 am

Hey!! duuuude i have not updated in forever!! lol  but i did make a few more blends! lol Ok so anywaysss. Rj loved my b-day present!!! ahhh do you know how happy that makes me!! I was soooo having second thoughts about even givin it to him but im so glad i did!!!! but like omg we have 15 days left of school!!!! ahhhhh im so excited! but i found out i have to go to summer school and that is gonna suck b/c i am gonna be going to school from 9am-1pm and then going to work after school!!! but it is better i get it out of the way that way next year i can be all caught up and not have anything to worry about! damn, why do you have to do so much stupid shit just to graduate with a college prep diploma! ughhhh whatever!! but like today we have to go to my grandmother's house for mother's day! i dont want to. i dont like celebrating mother's day b/c my mom is not here so what is the fuckin point?! ya know. but dude we have finals coming up in 2 weeks and i have a spanish project due wednesday and a world history project due on the 20th and a biology presentation on the 21st. duude my fuckin month is full of fuckin school work! ehhh but oh well only 15 days left!!! summer school will not be as bad as regular school b/c the only people that will be there are people that care about whether they graduate or not and all the dumb ass people i hate will not be there!! but i will DEFINATELY be missing school for this rj concert coming up in June. lol. but i guess this is it for now!!



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Monday, May 3rd, 2004
9:37 pm
Ok i got PaintShop Pro and i made a bunch of blends!! im just here to show them all to you!!! they are behind the cut!!

Read more...Collapse )

okey dokey thats all for now!!!! sorry it was sooo many but i had a lot!!! lmao

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Sunday, April 25th, 2004
6:57 pm

Hellllllo!!! well today was fucking hot!! i walked outside and thought i died and went to hell!!! lmao!! but anywayss we went to wal mart and people were fuckin crazyyy!! i was getting soooo aggrivated! i was about to kill someone! lol but i noticed something about myself.... like i am REALLLY picky when it comes to toilet paper and soap!! lol like i will only use Cotonelle toilet paper and i will only use Dove Exfoliating soap! haha im so wierd! but like tonight i cooked for like the 1st time in sooo long! i have been slacking lately! but like when we were cleaning up Brandi suggested we spray clorox cleanup on my shirt and watch it change colors! so we did and now i have a tye dye shirt!!! hahah we are soo wierd! and omg like making strawberry shortcake is the funnest thing ever! i dont even eat them but i love to make them all pretty! haha

omg i so dont wanna go to school tomorrow! like i reallllllllllllllly dont!!! i hate it so much but only 25 more days!! dude i cant wait for summer when i get a job and i can just chill!! but anywayssss i guess this is all i have to say for now!! and omg i want to play oregon trail soooo bad!!! like you dont even know! i got an urge to play it and i dont have it!!! i am going to get it!! hahah



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Saturday, April 24th, 2004
6:51 pm
Ok I wanted to make an entry about all the shit that scares me!!! Lmao so here it is!!!!

ok Teddy Ruxpin just scares the shit outta me!!! I have been scared of it ever since I got one when I was like 2!!

ok this is Nikita Kruschev, he was a leader of Russia and something about him just scares me!!!

ok Hannibal scares most people!!! He is just freaky man!!!

ok clowns are the things I am most scared of!! I am actually terrified!!! I went to the circus a while back and this clown touched me and I started crying!!! I was soooo scared!!

ok this movie is the only movie that has ever scared me to the point that I could never watch it a 2nd time!!

ok and Barbara Streisand is just freaky!!! She looks like those lil creatures in that movie "The Dark Crystal"

ok but thats all!!!


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12:41 pm

Hey Hey Hey, Well i am not going to see Rj today....i thought i would go ahead and state that now! lmao but its all good......i am upset but its gonna be alright. But omg can i just tell you i had a fuckin horrible night last night!!!

ok here is what happened........

Me Britni and Brandi went to this restaurant last night b/c my cousin was going to be singing karaoke. Well we are there and were chillin and Britni decides to order this $10 margarita!! well she is like getting all drunk now b/c she drank some tequila before we left the house. well i walk outside to smoke and i call jamie. well i go back inside and i see britni around all these people. she was fuckin dancing all up on some man and he was putting money in her bra. so i grabbed her and said come one britni we gotta go. shes all like no i am not ready to go yet. well then my cousin's moms friend is like "im leaving before i have to start kicking asses over this girl" talking about Britni. well the nwe finally get britni outside and were walking and then my friends Sarah and Stephanie pull up next to us and were like "brooke we saw you and we just wanted to come tell you hey" so im talking to them for a minute and then all of a sudden britni sticks her head in the window and starts talking and she smells like alcohol and she is just talking some big time bullshit and sarah and stephanie are just like looking at her all crazy. well than i try to discreetly pull britni away from the car and she like elbows me in the chest. and it hurt b/c it hit me in the fuckin bone ya know. well then we get in the car and she is screaming at me telling me how im nothing but an immature lil bitch and how she cant stand the way i act and that i just take advantage of everyone and all this shit. and so she chills out for a minute....then we get back to irene's house and she starts again...she is saying im nothing but a bitch and thats all ill ever be and that is why i dont hvae friends b/c im just a bitch and all this shit and it kinda hurt my feelings even though i know she was drunk it still hurt my feelings. well finally i go back home to get some clothes to sleep in at irenes house and we get back to irenes and britni is like throwing up and shit, and i refused to help her b/c of how she treated me! so she was just throwing up and i was just sitting in the living room watching tv. well then i hear her crying and she is fuckin having a fit on irenes bathroom floor...she is screaming and crying b/c she wanted to go to the batting cages!! what a loser!! lmao but she like calmed down and shit and her friend Chris came over....well he got her a lil more sane.....and then she was all apologizing to me and shit and i was like dont worry about it whatever man. i did not wanna talk about it. So i go to bed at like 1:30 and then like 15 minues after i was asleep brandi woke me up and said that they were going get some 'smoke'......so i jumped outta bed and just went and watched tv in the living room. Well they come back with it and we smoke and shit and were just chillin and then i finally get to bed at 4 am. and that is pretty much how it all went down!!!

Jamie!! you always know how to make me feel better!! lol i dont know just talking last night made me feel sooooooo much better!! thanks for always being there!!! i love you!!

but this is all for now im sorry i made it sooooo long!!


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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
8:32 pm - "Littering and, Littering and, Littering and, Smoking the reefer" Super Troopers

Hey Hey Hey!!! Whats goin on? Well today was pretty much the same as every other day...... boring!! haha but i guess it was not that bad......today someone stole my friend Brittany's purse!! she was so upset i felt sooooo bad for her!!  but besides that everything was normal. David came over for a lil while after school and we smoked with him and chilled and then he left b/c he was going to the baseball game! Me and Britni ended up going but we were there for literally 5.7 seconds! lol i hated being there when i did not have to be!!


but anywaysss i woke up at like 5:30 this morning and i could not go back to sleep, i finally got to sleep at like 6:45 and then there is Brandi at 7:15 waking me up!! i was so pissed but i was liek whatever i just went in the bathroom and put my hair up and then i went and layed down in my bed for like 20 minutes then i got up and got dressed! lol it was a lazy morning for me. haha


but duuuuude i wanna go to Cumming sooooo bad this weekend and see Rj. I missed him last time so i think ideserve to go see him, i think Britni will end up taking me, i also have another reason for wanting to go!!!! lmao but anywayzz i guess this is all for now!!





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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
3:48 pm

HAPPY 4/20!!!!!!!

hahah as most of you know today is my favorite holiday!!! lmao but yeah today was cool could have better but could have been worse! ya know. Well not too much is going on these days......im so bored and im hoping i get to go see rj this weekend im not sure if im going yet but im gonna try!! i actually HAVE to go and take care of some business!! lol jamie and jess know!! lmao

but anywayzzzzzz the biology part of the End Of Course Testing is over!!! but English starts thursday!! :(:( my english teacher is such a bitch......she is like always lecturing us on something everyday and she like fuckin crys if people dont turn in their work! what a dumbass


but omg get this i had the craziest fuckin dream last night...........ok so rj was doing this special tv interview thing and like me and russ and joss stone were there with him and we could not be on tv with him so we like hung out backstage while he was doing it....well me and joss start getting to be good friends, well then russ comes over there and i am talking to him introducing him to joss, well a lil while later we are all chillin and russ walks away and joss tells me she likes russ, so im like uhhh well you better syop liking him b/c he is mine ((i dont know where that came from lmao)) and she is like well we will just have to see, so me and her start fighting over russ. well then i said something to her like "your losing a great friend over this right now so you might as well stop" and she made this sad face and then my fuckin sister woke me up for school!!  i wanted to see how it would end! but oh well maybe ill dream it again sometime!! lmao


but i guess this is it for now....


p.s. today is my friend Billy Menard's birthday, he would be 22 today!! RIP billy!! i love you!!

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
7:19 pm

hey....whats up guys?!?! well today is finally friday!!! woo hoo!! this week was rough!! ahhhh and next week will be rougher considering we start end of course tesing.......!!ugh...well anyways today is my mommy's 40th birthday!! lol she is not thrilled about the fact that she is 40 but she is gonna get over it! lol but duuude im going see rj maybe sunday and definately next saturday!!! im so excited!! im happy he is doing stuff here! lol and i especially cant wait until October when the races come to georgia!!! jamie knows whyyyyy!!

well i guess this is it for now.....



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Monday, April 12th, 2004
3:44 pm - "uhhh officer were headed over the border to canada for some french fries and gravy sir"

ok not much to say here....ill update later...but until then here is a survey, i stole it from jess sweetnsxy04

-- Name: Brooke
-- Birthplace: Women and Childrens Hospital in Lafayette Louisiana
-- Gender: female
-- Eye Color: brown

--Hair Color: brown
-- Righty or Lefty: uhh bothy? Lmao I can write with both
-- Zodiac Sign: scorpio

-- Your heritage: mainly french creole and indian
-- The shoes you wore today: ummm nike tennis shoes lol
-- Your perfect pizza: I dont like pizza

-- Goal you'd like to achieve: become a plastic surgeon, live in LA, be rich and be married to ____!!

-- Your thoughts first waking up: why does spring break hafta be over??

--Your best physical feature: I dont know lol

--Your bedtime: whenever I feel like it
-- Your most missed memory: September 12, 2003!!! Flags All Night!!!!

-- Pepsi or Coke: Coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: Nike
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee

-- Smoke: um just a lil bit…lol
-- Cuss: fuck yeah!! lmao
-- Sing: yeah but its not any good!! lol
-- Take a shower everyday: uh yeah!! lol
-- Have a crush: YESSS!!!!
-- Do you think you've been in love: I know I am in love right now!!
-- Want to go to college: of course!! Emory University

--Liked high school: hell fuckin no!!
-- Want to get married: yes!

-- Believe in yourself: yes!

-- Get motion sickness: no

--Do you think you're attractive: I dont know
-- Think you're a health freak: no
-- Get along with your parent(s): yes

--Like thunderstorms: yeah
-- Play an instrument: no way jose!! lmao

In the past month...
-- Smoked: yes
-- Done a drug: ummm I dont know if it is considered a drug! lmao

--Had Sex: personal ay?
-- Gone on a date: ehhhhh blah!!! Lmao

-- Gone to the mall?: yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: um no who does that?

-- Eaten sushi: no
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: no
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: no
-- Stolen anything:no

-- Been caught "doing something": thank god i have not!!
-- Been called a tease: nope
-- Gotten beaten up: no way
-- Shoplifted: no
-- Changed who you were to fit in: I try to fit out!!! Lmao I dont like people!! Well except jamie and jess and a few other ones!

-- Age you hope to be married: around 25, 26
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 2 kids, 1 boy Cameron Joel, and 1 girl Hilari Baylee
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: I want it to be small and I want instead of white everywhere I want lavender stuff!!
-- How do you want to die: peacefully, but I dont wanna die at all well not yet! lmao
-- Where you want to go to college: Emory University
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: Plastic Surgeon
-- What country would you most like to visit: Italy
In a guy..
-- Best eye color? brown
-- hair color? Brown black, and I make one exception for blonde

-- Short or long hair: short , but this one also has an exception
-- Height: no shorter than 5’11"
-- Best article of clothing: I dont know!

-- Number of piercings: 6
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: umm I dont know like 2 times I think
-- Number of scars on my body: 4

-- Number of things in my past that I regret: duuuuude I regret so many things that I could not possibly name them all!!!

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
7:20 pm - "uhhhh Liter-o-cola....do we make liter-o-cola?" lmao kid on super troopers

hello all......well im still not all that great but i guess im doing better. i have so many problems right now and i soooooo need to see a psychiatrist. like im so for real i think it will halp a lot so im gonna talk to my dad about that. but anyways one thing that did make me feel better was this pic...((i just fuckin realized how hot he really is))One Hot Ass MotherFucker right hurr!!Collapse )

but i hope everyone had a good easter....here is how mine went....

i went to my grandmothers house and all my family was there yadda yadda yadda......we laughed, we made fun of my uncles wife and her fake lips, and we talked some more, it was fun, i enjoyed spending time with alla them. after we left my granny's house we went to Cj's house ((brandi's boyfriend)) and like we were trying to find some of that shit...ya know.....and then he was not home so on our way out we passed up this guy that started talking to us and we just ended up getting some from him. and then i came home!

but this is all for now!!



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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
5:29 pm - "ill believe that when me shit turns purple ans smells like rainbow sherbert" Super Troopers

well hello today im not feeling much better...certain things are like setting me off and i just start crying...my dad was talking to me and i like started crying and he was like whats wrog and i said im still upset about yesterday and he was like well you hata get over it b/c you cant help it and i like went to my room and put on my rj cd and like cried!

but something that did make me feel better was seeign that my adam and rj graphic was made for me!! thanks Angie!!!!!!! i love it!!!

but anyways we had to dye eggs for my grandmother for tomorrow and i was like finger painting them and now i have like purple and green fingers! the shit wont come off!!!  ughhhhhhh i want it off!!!!! lol


but i guess this is it!


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Friday, April 9th, 2004
5:00 pm - I think i should have thrown myself in the lake today!

ok well i am surprised i can even make myself write in this! i am shocked that i am even on the computer and not in my bed crying like i was doing at six flags!!


well ok today was SHITTY!! I HAD 0 FUN and the worst part is that.....I MISSED RJ!!!!

OK SO i got up at 8 this morning and got ready and might i add i was having a fuckin superb hairday! ok so we go to the car and im all pumped up after 3 hours of sleep b/c im going see rj!! well we get to six flags and they said that the concert would be at this Southern Star Ampitheatre thing. well i am on the phone with jamie and then i go to that stupid place and then this old man says can i help you..i was like im looking for the  rj helton concert. and he said well here is your ticket it is at 7pm! i was like wtf that cant be right. well i just sit around and kinda tear up a bit b/c i had no clue where to go ((damnit im tearing up now)) well jamie so graciously calls six flags for me to try and find some ifo and omg i must have asked like 30 people about it and no one had a fuckin clue what i was talking about! well then jamie goes for her last resort ((but we wont say what that is)) and that was noooo help at all!!! well so i g and meet up with my sisters not fully depressed but almost b/c im thinking maybe it is at 7! well so i am following them around and then they go to this ride, well im sitting outside of the ride b/c i was not im the mood for rides. well all of a sudden i see michele ((rj-aholic)) and i am like michele hey what is up with Rj? and she said well he already performed! and so i tried to act cool about it and i was like yeah i figured...well when she went inside i like started bawling, and remember i am in the middle of six flags, i called jamie and told her, and then i called my mom and just like lost it!! i was crying so hard, only b/c it is so wierd b/c i had a dream about that exact same thing happening to me and the dream made me really sad and then it happening in real life just fuckin tore me to pieces!! well i get off the phone with my mom and my sisters come off of the ride and i am trying to tell them what happened and they like are kinda ignoring me! i could not believe it today was fuckin horrrrrrrrriblllllllle!!! i am like crying right now thinking of it! dude what i wouldnt give for this all to be a dream!!! lmao but yeah i have a special message for someone belowww......



For My Jamie WamieCollapse )

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004
6:29 pm - "now do you see me jumping around all nibbly bibbly from tree to tree?" ~Foster 'Super Troopers'


Well today im over the whole Will Hung thing a lil bit but dude it is pissin me off the way some people are like taking up for Will!!! Like duuuuuude take up for Rj! He is the one that deserves to be famous! lmao but anywayzzzz.....


lmao but dude tody was kinda fun i guess. lol i woke up and came down staairs and i was awake maybe for 20 minutes and then someone knocks on the door so Brandi goes and answers it and my friend David walks in and says "hey fuckers i need someone to smoke with" hahah so yall know i was all up for it! lmao but then i told him i wanted hi to be on my tape for jamie so he said hey and shit and then he said 'lemme see the video camera' so i did not think anythign of it and i let him have it. well i should have known that he was gonna go and do something stupid. he would not tell me what he taped so i had to just play it back. well i played it back and guess what i see?? Davids fuckin balls! lmao he taped that shit!! i need to tape over it b/c i dont want jamie seeing that but then again it might be a funny ass surprise!! hahah but yeah i cant wait for her to get the tape!!

Duuuude me and Jamie have so much shit planned for tomorrow!!  We have hidden agendas! lmao i am going to be doing the craziest ting everrrrrrr!! ahah but dont worry jamie ill never tell!!!!!!!! 

ohhhh and yesterday afternoon I was soooo pissed off!! here is what happened.......

Me Britni and Brandi were on our way to Target and then Britni's friend Chris called ((he is the dumb fuck i was talking about a few days ago)) well he said i can get yall some smoke if yall give me a ride out there. so we went outta our way to go get him. Well he said my boys house is in Stockbridge. ((20 minutes away)) So we go out there and he is telling us to do all this bullshit like park around the back and dont get out until you count to 20 and shit like that so i was already gettin pissed b/c he was being such a dunbass!! so then britni gets out to see what is taking so long and then they come back out with this dude. and he is like im gonna bring yall to ellenwood b/c that is where my boy is at. so i was like FUCK NO ((ellenwood is like an hour away)) and so before he told us he was gonna bring us all far out his girlfriend tries to get in the car. and she was an ol nasty ass looking bitch. i mean for real...she had greasy ass blonde hair with black fucin roots and she looked like she had been hittin the crackpipe a lil too much. lol well they set her straight and she decides not to come. well then i was sooooo pissed off by then b/c chris kept fucking around!! so then we just left! he was taking too long coming back out to he car so we left him there!! hahah that serves that stupid ass right!! hahah

but i guess this is all for now!!!


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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:42 pm - IM PISSED

ok so right now i am fucking furious!!!

Ok get this William Hung has sold more cds than Rj!!

what the fuck dude? do people not hear the shittiness in his voice!?!?! omg what is wrong with people?? i am so mad i am willing to just like never listen to music again!! this shit is so stupid!!

Rj needs a new promoter! Whoever he has now is not doing a good job! I mean you cant just put this singer at a mall and then all of a sudden expect people to like him or know him!!! i look at it like this...

ok so you are watching tv and a commerical comes on for this random singer and they are saying how he will be at a mall near you or some shit. well if you have no clue who he is or what he is about to you really think you are gonna go see him??

Well if rj had a better promoter then maybe he could get on Ryan Seacrest or Ellen or something and then people will see him and and then be like "hmmmm this kid is alright" ya know?? what the fuck is up with the music industry??

when people like Rj who actually have a great voice and a great personality and looks fuckin hot cant sell more cds than a fuckin asian kid with big ass teeth that cant sing has the personality of wallpapaer and dances like he has lobsters crawling up his ass then that is pure bullshit!!!!!!

ok lets compare a bit.....ya know cd covers do count and you will look at the ones that catches your eye...well tell me which one would you rather see.....

Lets CompareCollapse )


anywayzz im done and im pissed even more!! lata

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
2:26 pm - SURVEY!!!!!

ok i have a survey i am about to do!!! i stole it from saratoddla  so please steal it from me b/c i wanna see yalls answers!! lol here it goes!!

1. What is your middle name?

2. If you had been born the other sex, did your parents tell you what your name would have been?
my mom mentioned it one time but i know she did want to name me Natalie idk know why but my dad suggested i get a 'br' name like my sisters. ((we are Britni, Brandi, and Brooke)) lol

3. Do you have children and if so, what are their names?
oh god no!!  i dont have children yet!! and i dont want them now! lol

4. If you were to ever have a child or more children, what would you name them?
ok i want 2 kids a boy and girl and i want their names to be
Hilari Baylee Helton ((lmao))&Cameron Joel Helton

5. Most people know their mother's maiden name, but do you know your grandmothers' maiden names?

Miller and the other one is Griffin
6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
ummm i dont think so! maybe i did! i have no idea!!

7. What was the name of your first pet?
Chloe...it was my cat!

8. What was the name of the first person you ever kissed?
Jared Briscoe ((omg that is so horrible to think about lol))

9. What was the name of the school you attended as a child?
 ummm well i have attended lots of schools here is the list Cankton Elementary, Lake Harbin Elementary, Hampton Elementary, Henry County Middle School, Luella Middle School, and Carencro Middle, and i dont know if i should put high school but i will Acadiana High School, Henry County High School and now i at Luella High School.

10. What was/is the name of your English teacher(s) in high school?
ok well last year ((9th grade)) his name was Mr. Himlaben and now my english teachers name is Ms. Willocks 

11. Do you name your vehicles? What are the name(s)?
i have never owned a car yet! lol and i doubt i would name it anyway!! lol


ok so there it is!! i want you to take it!! lol

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