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All I got is my word and my balls...

14 November
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Well i love Rj Helton...and I love Jennifer Lopez...and i LOOOVE George Michael!AND I AM JUST ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH ADAM BRODY!!!! Lol...well thats about it for my favorites!!
Whats up Ren!!

just to explain my name on here...lol...
stimpy is my nickname from jamie wamie!! and the rest explains itself....

i claimed George Michael, Adam Brody, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson,singindiva, and sweetnsxy04 at honey_claims

everyone please go and join my community aim_themes

i am a member of Pop_Nobilty!!! go apply if you are a true pop lover!!! pop_nobility

also go and join my girl Stephie's community aol_aim_icons

and you must go and check out my jamie wamie's rating community envy_us go join if you think your hot....